Research and Monitoring

Research and monitoring have been on-going at Fossil Creek for many years. Fossil Creek provides a unique opportunity to study the effects of both flow restoration and non-native fish removal on a Southwestern stream. Ecological and social research and monitoring is being conducted by numerous agencies including Arizona Game and Fish, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Northern Arizona University, U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Reclamation. 

Posted below is a summary table of on-going and scheduled research and monitoring at Fossil Creek, as well as links to PDF files of published research and research reports. 

On-going and Scheduled Research and Monitoring at Fossil Creek
(compiled by Michele James (NAU), July 20, 2009)

Affiliation Primary Investigator (PI)/researcher(s) Subject of Work
NAU, Biology Jane Marks/Ken Adams Crayfish habitat, densities, effects on emergent insects (on-going)
NAU, Biology Jane Marks/Matt O’Neil Stable isotope study of food webs (on-going)
NAU, Biology. Jane Marks/Matt O’Neil; Cinnamon Pace Fish snorkeling/population study (on-going)
NAU, Biology Maribeth Watwood/Brenda Harrop Microbial communities (on-going)
NAU, Biology Jane Marks/Michele James,Ken Adams Riparian vegetation monitoring (starting 2010)
NAU, Biology Jane Marks/ Michele James, Ken Adams Water quality monitoring (may include macroinvertebrates/springsnail)  (starting 2010)
NAU, Forestry Marty Lee Visitor use monitoring (starting 2010)
NAU, Forestry Marty Lee Monitoring effectiveness of temporary toilets (starting 2010)
NAU, Geology Rod Parnell/Johnny Littlefield Effects of algae on travertine growth (field work completed, data analysis on-going)
San Francisco State/NAU Leonard Sklar, Jane Marks/ Brian Fuller, Zaccheaus Compson, Ken Adams Travertine growth (on-going)
NAU, Biology Maribeth Watwood Coliforms (Enterococcus faecalis) (on-going)
Univ. of NM, Biology Paul Polechla Dietary ecology of river otters in the Verde River drainage (started 2009; on-going)
NAU, Geology Abe Springer Regional springs study (on-going)
Friends of AZ Rivers Tim Flood Yearly repeat photography monitoring (vegetation/travertine) (on-going)
Marsh and Associaates, LLC Paul Marsh, Jerome Stefferud, Sally Stefferud Bi-annual monitoring to determine presence of non-native fish (on-going)
U.S. Forest Service, Coconino, AZ Game and Fish Dept., U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Janie Agyagos, Suzy MacVean, Shaula Hedwall Yearly leopard frog population monitoring (on-going)
Arizona Game and Fish/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Scott Rogers, Shaula Hedwall, Tony Robinson Annual monitoring of native fish (spikedace, loach minnow, long fin dace, razorback sucker, Gila topminnow, chub) (on-going) 
U.S. Forest Service, Coconino Jennifer Burns/Dexter Allen Informal visitor monitoring (on-going)
Arizona Game and Fish Troy Corman/Bill Burger Riparian bird monitoring (2009, and again in 6-9 years)
AZ Dept. of Environmental Quality Patty Spindler Water quality monitoring and bioassessments (macroinvertebrates) (ongoing; 4/year, every 3 years (2008, 2011, etc.)
USGS Matt Johnson Riparian raptors (pending funding)


Research and Monitoring Reports: (click to view PDF)






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Short and Long-term Management, Stewardship and Education and Outreach Needs for Fossil Creek. Meeting Notes, October 2005. Provides a summary of the October 26, 2005 Fossil Creek Stewardship Meeting.

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Invasive Plants of the Fossil Creek Area. PowerPoint file. U.S. Forest Service (undated).